Commercial Building Inspection



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Commercial Building Inspection

A Commercial Building Inspection is a visual inspection of the property systems and components to determine our opinion of the general condition and operability of those systems and components.  

If you use a traditional inspector that is not an engineer, to do your inspection, you may have to subsequently hire an engineer to address any structural concerns found in the inspection or appraisal.  

Please note that ADA requirements,  environmental inspection/testing, sewer video, fire alarm/suppression systems etc. are not part of these inspection packages. Should you desire such services, please contact our office and we may be able to provide you with referrals.

We offer 4 levels of Commercial Building Inspections, as follows:  

  • Standard Inspection:  Structural, Roof Covering, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Visible Insulation, Doors, Windows, Interior Finishes, Exterior Finishes. Interior and exterior finishes are limited in scope to general commentary.
  • Limited Inspection:  Structural, Roof Covering, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Visible Insulation. At this level the Electrical Inspection does not test all fixtures and outlets, but is limited to a representative sampling. 
  • Mini Inspection:  Structural, Roof Covering, HVAC Plants, Water Heaters, Electric Panels.
  • Custom Inspection: Let us know what your needs are and we will create a scope of inspection just for you!   


Key Benefits to having a Commercial Building Inspection:

  • For Buyers - Know the condition of the property before consummating your contract to purchase. With this information you may be able to negotiate repairs or, in some cases, terminate the contract.  
  • For Sellers - Have an inspection before putting your property on the market and make repairs to best show your property. This gives you a competitive advantage over other properties on the market. Even if you elect to not make repairs, you will know in advance what issues a buyer's inspector is likely to discover.
  • For Owners and/or Property Managers - Like having a medical checkup, a periodic maintenance inspection will help discover developing problems before they become major issues. 




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