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Here are some recent customer comments about our services:

"I recently purchased a foreclosure house, sight unseen, so knew I was taking a chance with a 60 year old house. Upon possession I discovered foundation issues that were troubling. I spent a few quick minutes doing a google search of house inspection companies what had a background in engineering and came across Coyle Home Inspection Engineers. I was able to connect with them immediately and schedule an appointment. Working with Mike was just what I needed. He listened intently to my concerns while he performed a thorough structural inspection. He very concisely educated me on various types of foundation designs and associated possible issues with each. We were able to identify my specific type of foundation design and the causes of my concerns. Primarily all are due to poor drainage around the house but much to my relief my issues are not indicative of severe structural problems. As a result of the inspection I received a complete report of the findings and suggestions on mitigation approaches to reduce future and ongoing problems as well as techniques to address the symptoms I am experiencing. I would recommend using Coyle Home Inspection engineers for home inspection needs as my experience with them was quite satisfying."

Brian Tucker December 2009 

"Sometimes we (ok, me) forget to say THANKS!   If it wasn't for you, I would have been responsible for around $30K of repairs.   The I-beam was replaced, and several other items (all on YOUR list), and the builder paid for it.

I will recommend you each and every day if a Realtor asks me if I know a structural engineer for a reference.   You are on my web site as a "local partner", and hope I can refer more business to you.
Again, thanks A LOT!"
Joan Cox, GRI, CRS, ABR, E-Pro
Metro Brokers - Priority Properties, Inc.
6377 S. Revere Pkwy - Ste 400
Centennial, CO 80111
cell - 720-231-6373
Web Site --

"Thank you so very much for doing an inspection on my home! Farmers Insurance gave me additional money to match the offer from the contractor. They may not have done that without your report!"

"I just wanted to let you know about what D.R. Horton has done as a result of your inspection report......Thank you! I doubt they would have done anything else had I not shown them your evaluation."

"I really appreciate the thorough job you did inspecting the house. The breadth of your knowledge was impressive and increased our overall confidence in this purchase. We're glad to have used Coyle for our home inspection."

"I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. I appreciate your efforts in regards to helping my lender understand that the house meets the FHA guidelines and nothing was "in need" of repair. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your efforts to go above and beyond. We have been truly impressed with your work prior to this situation and have already recommended Coyle to friends and family."

"Our compliments to you! The home inspector who recommended you for the structural inspection said that if Coyle was involved it would be done right."

"You did a great job showing us where the problems with the house were, and the potential for repairs. We are very satisfied with your professionalism and therefore with Coyle Inspection Engineers."

"As I accompanied him (the inspector), he patiently and expertly explained his findings documenting areas of concern for the final report.  Occasionally, he would even tighten a loose screw or adjust a sticking door lock.  He didn't have to do that.  The inspection was most enlightening to me."

"Every homebuyer should have an inspection.  I would have paid twice this amount to have this done.  It gave me real peace of mind."

"Our builder was amazed with the things the inspector found in the 'end-of-warranty-inspection'.  The builder responded to the report very well, took it very seriously, and fixed everything on the report."

"I just wanted to tell you I am very happy with the home inspection we had done.  I want you to know that your inspector gave a very thorough look at our house and acted above and beyond his duty - crawling under tight floorboards and finding serious problems with the house."

"Our inspector and was the ultimate professional!  His thoroughness, attention to detail and care in examining our house were wonderful.  He took the time to answer all our questions and to explain everything to us.  And thanks to Tom Martino, since we found out about Coyle Home Inspection Engineers from his referral web page!"

"I just wanted to say thanks to you for the terrific job.  I worked for a general contractor for six years and thought I could pick apart a house.  Your inspector did an incredible job inspecting, he looked for and found things I would have missed.  He was very knowledgeable of building codes and construction requirements and was extremely helpful at noting the general condition, attributes, and/or deficiencies of the house.  I felt that the thoroughness of his inspection provided us with an accurate picture of the condition of the house, which greatly aided us in our decision to purchase."     



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