Construction Inspection

Construction Inspections can be performed at strategic points in the New Home Construction process, to identify issues as they develop and prior to their being covered by finished surfaces.

One or more inspections can be performed at each stage, depending on your level of comfort with your builder.

  • Excavation – To observe soil conditions, moisture conditions, etc.

  • Foundation – soils report review, excavation, footings/piers, walls, waterproofing/drain, backfill

  • Rough Framing – can be inspected in progress, or at the completion of the framing.

  • Backfill and Grading – To observe compaction, proper slope, etc.

  • Completion – To verify completion and final disposition of work.

Key Benefits to having New Home Construction Inspections:

  • Learn the issues as they develop and get them corrected, rather than covered up!
  • Be in a position of strength, with documentation from a professional, in case the relationship with your builder deteriorates.

Construction Inspections are also performed at various stages of the Structural Repair process, to determine compliance with the Structural Repair Design. 

  • Provides documentation of compliance for your permanent files, to be used for future reference, sale of the home, closure of Building Permits, etc.
  • Provides peace of mind that the Repairs were properly implemented.