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Most state laws require that structural issues be evaluated by a licensed engineer or engineering firm. You cannot receive a professional opinion from a home inspector or foundation repair contractor that is not a licensed engineer. You can, however, get a “free inspection” from a structural repair contractor, but the “design specialist” doing the free inspection is typically a commission based salesperson incentivised to sell you a repair.   

Since we are a professional engineering firm, we can render the all-important professional structural opinion on the home you are buying, selling, or own. We have no ulterior motivation to sell you a repair, and our opinion is independent and impartial. Depending on the findings, and determination of the true condition of the home, we can also provide a foundation repair design if needed. 

We are committed to providing the highest level of professional engineering services available because you deserve the best, and your home is your biggest investment. Serving the entire Denver Metro Area, and front range areas from Ft Collins to Colorado Springs, plus Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and New Mexico!

Our loyalty is exclusive to you – our client, , and we have the inspection experience to provide you with the knowledge to make a confident, informed decision. 
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Whatever your structural needs, CSIE can help!

Foundation Inspection. Are you buying or selling a home, or have foundation movement? We have the expertise to evaluate the condition of the foundation and upper structure, and to render a professional opinion regarding your biggest investment. Don’t be fooled by free contractor inspections – they are not professional opinions and are cost estimates at best. 

Foundation Repair Design.  Is your house settling, heaving, shifting, cracking? We can design a solution to stabilize, and in some cases re-align, your foundation and home! 

Remodeling?  Want to open up that wall, or move that post?  Want to pop the top? Change to a tile roof?  Build an addition?  Call today for an inspection, consultation, and design.

Commercial Building Inspection.  Office, retail, warehouse, school, gymnasium, missile silo. You name it, we inspect it. Ok, so we’ve never inspected a missile silo, but if you have one, give us a call!

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