Welcome to Pier Support!

As an Engineering firm with over 30 years experience designing structural repairs for building foundations, we also offer remote inspections for Piering Contractors in order to certify your pier installation without the need for onsite inspection.

Using the highly specific, yet simple protocol, devised by Pier Support, the contractor submits the required information, data, and photos to Pier Support and we provide the analysis and conclusions, stamped by a Professional Engineer.

This system is available for Helical Piers and Push Piers, and can save you valuable time in completing your projects, allowing for backfill(1), permit closure(2), customer confidence, and getting paid!

For more information, contact Mike Coyle via the CONTACT FORM and indicate Pier Support.

(1) Approval to backfill may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

(2) Many building departments will accept (some will require) engineer’s inspection in lieu of inspection by the building department. Please contact your local department for clarification.